In this project, I worked together with my classmate Yuriy Krupey, on soundsystem culture, rave culture, and the staging of architecture. The project was part of a studio by Parasite 2.0. The project was meant to exhibit in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, but due to covid, it got canceled. 
The class was about architecture and scenography, so after collectively researching fictional works in which a future world is imagined we had to come up with our own fictional world. I wrote a short text about a future apocalyptic world where "hyper-corporations" have taken over the role of nations and states. In this world, a small society manages to live autonomously with the help of their soundsystems. The story reflects on raving as protest and temporary autonomous zones. 
It became clear to us that the archetype of rave and soundsystem culture is not a building, but a mobile high-power soundsystem that can transform any given space into a temporary autonomous zone. With this in mind, we decided to make a soundsystem to blast some bass into the Stedelijk Museum. Meant as a defense system. 

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