The work is built out of three parts: the speaker, the sound, and the space. 
The speaker is made as a sculpture but with the extra dimension of sound added. Therefore we could call the speaker a sonic sculpture. The shapes found in the steel sculptures look like gongs but with a futurist influence. This combines in an industrial-looking spiritual symbol. All modifications to the material are made with consideration of the sonorous effect it has on the sculpture. 
The sound I made for these sculptures is derived from this relation between spirituality and industry. My main inspiration for it is the archetype of a nightclub. To me the sounds remind me of the sonic world one is in during a long night of clubbing, from waiting in line, to the center of the club, to the ride home in the morning. Because this whole ritual was gone for over a year due to the pandemic a new faithful appreciation has occurred to me. 
The space is built in such a way that the sound is the most dominant sense one will use. The light is used to amplify the sound, intending a transcended sensation. My inspiration for the visual effect is a relation I found between futurist painting and images from the nightclub landscape. This can work out into feelings of ecstasy or fear.

This installation will be presented to the public during the graduation show of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie from the 7th until the 11th of July.

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