A project as part of a studio by Alessandra Covini that started out with me wasting time. Questions about what waste is and where we can find it started to come to mind. This turned the project into a research of the creative process and what it means to be productive. In the context of the global waste crises, a lot of interesting links started to appear, between garbage, space, time, sound, "Grand Theft Auto" and drugs.

-John Ashbery-

I decided to work in three different types of space. The theoretical space, the digital space, and the physical space.   
In the theoretical space, I made a small booklet with my own writing and visuals on the topic of waste. Above you see the highlights of the text. The visuals are connected to the field recordings I made for the digital space.
For the digital space, I went looking for waste and decided to document it with sound recordings, because I wanted to see how noise and waste are related. The recordings I published on the website radio aporee, which is an online map where people can upload sound recordings to places.   
For the physical space, I designed an installation existing out of a composition of wasted sound. Since the equipment rental of my school couldn't provide me with 8 speakers I had to bargain a deal at the local thrift shop for some stereo sets. In the context of waste, this actually made a lot of sense. I mapped out different categories of sound throughout our department space.  
There isn't much to see in this video but it is mainly about the sound. One thing that surprised me in the installation, is that people didn't react as exuberantly as I expected. There was a lot of sound throughout the space but people have grown used to a lot of these noises. As if our brain filters them out. 
For me, this project was the first time where I started to combine my background in music with architecture and it opened the doors to the amazing world of space and sound. This project never has been about the out-coming product, but about the creative process. It has been an important step in forming my artistic perspective.    

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